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M5StickV Edge AI + IOT Dream based on Sipeed Maix Kendryte K210 series

If you have enjoyed ESP8266 and ESP32 pay special attention to Kendryte K210! This system-on-chip integrates machine vision and machine learning while using RiscV cores. What could you want more to explore Edge AI? Ah yes, you need it in compact form, with all the extra peripherals integrated? How about high quality IPS display (1.14″ 135×240, ST7789), best-in-class low light sensitivity color camera (OV7740 30fps VGa, 60fps QVGA), MicroSD slot,

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How to flash Hackaday Badge 2018

Hackaday organized wonderful conference in Belgrade in May 2018. Traditionally, each participant received special Badge that is this time small computer. Badge is based on 32bit Microchip PIC as CPU, supports writing in customized BASIC. It is ideal to be used as a small serial terminal with keyboard and display. But to do so, you need support for “kin” BASIC function which is not working in firmware v1.00. So you

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Connect iMac and Macbook with 20 Gbit thunderbolt bridge

Best (and fastest) way to connect your Macbook and iMac is probably using Apple Thunderbolt cable. There are two lengths available, 0.5m (probably too short) and 2m. You can buy them in apple shops (prices are now $29 and $39) or on Aliexpress (below $20). When you cable arrives, just connect both computers. In my scenario iMac is connected to gigabit ethernet switch using LAN cable, and Macbook is connecting

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SeekThermal – Compact Smartphone Thermal Camera

Probably, we all know about thermal cameras, and wanted to have them one day. They open a whole new world of “senses” enabling us to see and visualise a thermal world. Now with release of Seek Thermal cameras, especially “compact” range we have small, yet rugged and extremely versatile thermal imaging device, that will turn any smartphone or tablet into an advanced tool capable of capturing, detecting and translating heat

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Sunday project: Ambilight using Raspberry Pi and RGB LED strip

If you ever wonder how to make your multimedia experience event better there is an interesting project for you. Idea is to add LED RGB strip behind your LED TV that will change colours according to video that your player (Raspberry Pi) is playing. Using “just” Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino Nano, RGB LED strip (WS2812b) you can make your own RGB backlight controlled by your XBMC (Kodi) player using additional

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Will you buy a Raspberry Pi 2 for $35?

If you are not already wandering where to buy Raspberry Pi 2 then you have not yet heard the good news… New Raspberry Pi 2 is available under the same price as old model, just $35! What is new when you compare Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Model B+ ?   Short list includes: Good news: 1. New Raspberry 2 uses the same case! Say hooray to all those

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iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5 – 5 things that I don’t like from geeks perspective

I have owned iPhone 4s for over a year, and felt pretty comfortable with it. After reading all the reviews and watched several youtube videos at first I decided that I should not upgrade it. If I had owned iPhone 4 I would definitely go for upgrade (iPhone 4 have single core CPU and it is really too slow for geek’s daily use).  Several weeks later, two friends upgraded their

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Nexus 2 by Samsung?

If rumors on internet are true, we can expect that new Google Nexus 2 will be built by Samsung having 4 inch AMOLED display, front facing camera and look more slick than Nexus One. Google is supposedly trying to build video chat into Android 2.3 Gingerbread using the Google Talk. We can expect that it will be running official Android 2.3 Gingerbread with no TouchWiz UI. Other features and exact

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BlackBerry’s response to iPad

We almost missed this one, but couple of days ago, Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) has announced its new tablet, called PlayBook. Promised to be game-changing product in growing tablet marketplace, PlayBook sports 1GHz dual-code processor, 7" capacitive screen with 1024×600 resolution, two cameras (front and rear facing) with 1080p recording support, HDMI output, rich web experience with Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR and HTML-5 support, and easy integration with

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HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire – size comparison

Are you getting ready for HTC Desire HD ? It does feel like HD2 in your hand, but here is a direct comparison with a regular Desire. Super LCD 4.3" screen is manufactured by Sony and it should provide more realistic colors and longer battery life compared to old generation AMOLED. However, we think that Super AMOLED still is the best option for the smartphone screens… Source: Swedroid

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