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SeekThermal – Compact Smartphone Thermal Camera

Probably, we all know about thermal cameras, and wanted to have them one day. They open a whole new world of “senses” enabling us to see and visualise a thermal world. Now with release of Seek Thermal cameras, especially “compact” range we have small, yet rugged and extremely versatile thermal imaging device, that will turn any smartphone or tablet into an advanced tool capable of capturing, detecting and translating heat

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Altek Leo, Android telefon sa kamerom od 14 megapiksela

Dakle, navučeni ste na digitalnu fotografiju, a 8 megapiksela na vašem HTC Evo 4G / Desire HD telefonu nisu dovoljni? Nemojte da brinete, pošto vam u spas dolazi Altek. Njihov novi pametni telefon sa Android operativnim sistemom se zove Leo, i opremljen je kamerom od 14 megapiksela sa optičkim uvećanjem od 3x, mogućnošću snimanja video zapisa u formatu 720p, i ksenonskim blicem. Preostale komponente su uglavnom standardne, tako da ćete

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Altek Leo, Android phone with 14 megapixel camera

So, you are digital photography junkie, and 8MP on your HTC Evo 4G / Desire HD is not enough? Fear not, 'cause Altek is coming to the rescue. Its new Android smartphone called Leo, sports 14MP camera with 3x optical zoom, 720p recording capabilities, and xenon flash. Other components are pretty basic, and you'll get 3.2" capacitive screen, and Android 2.1 (yawn). You can expect this baby to show up

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Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ with integrated projector

  Nikon Europe has announced world’s first camera – Coolpix S1000PJ with integrated projector. The ground-breaking Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ is expected to shake up the compact digital camera market as people begin to see the benefits of sharing and viewing pictures and videos using personal projection. The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ doesn’t just pack a punch with its projector – the compact digital camera delivers high resolution images with 12.1 effective

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Sony Ericsson presented “Idou”

Sony Ericsson presented “Idou”, new entertainment mobile with 12.1 megapixel camera. With resistive touchscreen and Symbian OS, support for guesturess, fast and responsive. It is not finished yet but looks promising. More information could be found on official page Source: Engadget