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Connect iMac and Macbook with 20 Gbit thunderbolt bridge

Best (and fastest) way to connect your Macbook and iMac is probably using Apple Thunderbolt cable. There are two lengths available, 0.5m (probably too short) and 2m. You can buy them in apple shops (prices are now $29 and $39) or on Aliexpress (below $20). When you cable arrives, just connect both computers. In my scenario iMac is connected to gigabit ethernet switch using LAN cable, and Macbook is connecting

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Many users report problem downloading / buying applications on Apple App Store today or Max App Store. Appstore usually reports various errors like "STATUS_CODE_ERROR". Reports indicated also difficulties with iOS App store and iBooks Store for few hours today. Apple reports that App Store and iTunes store is unavailable for all users: It looks like that the problem with iCloud Mail and iCloud Account & Sign in is solved

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How to upload app video preview to ITunesConnect?

Maybe you have noticed latest feature on Apple's AppStore – Application video preview. It is very nice feature, enabling users to see applicaton in action without downloading/installing the app. But first, developer must prepare video with custom dimensions (e.g. for iPhone 6 it should be 1334 x 750 or 750 x 1334px). But that's not the only problem.. Apple requests latest OS & browser – yet unreleased: "To upload your

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How to downgrade iPhone application using iTunes

You brand new iPhone with iOS7 automatically updates your applications, but sometimes new version is worse then previous. Or an payed application introduces iAds and developer tries to sack you for an in-app-purchase that removes them? If you regularly backup you iPhone/iPad to iTunes there is a solution for app downgrade. You should do the app downgrade as soon as possible, while old version is still available on you computer.

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Use network storage as local drive with Expandrive 3

  If you regularly use cloud services for remote file access or if you are doing some web site/server administration via SFTP service,  you probably need tool that will simplify your daily tasks. ExpanDrive 3 is the right tool to do this that enables you to easily mount remote services, folders and files as a local mounted drive.   Concept is so simple – it enables remote content to act

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