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Will you buy a Raspberry Pi 2 for $35?

If you are not already wandering where to buy Raspberry Pi 2 then you have not yet heard the good news… New Raspberry Pi 2 is available under the same price as old model, just $35! What is new when you compare Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi Model B+ ?


RaspberryPi2 Connectors

Short list includes:

Good news:

1. New Raspberry 2 uses the same case! Say hooray to all those Chinese cases available for a few bucks!

2. CPU with 900MHz quad core ARM, expected to be 6 times more powerful.

3. Double the memory! 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM instead of 512MB before

4. They say "Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1", we will check if it boots from the same SD cards (this time micro like on B+ model)

5. 3D acceleration under linux! They still use Video Core IV 3d that is the only publicly documented 3d graphics core for ARM based SoCs. (This is the weak point of more powerful clones, like Banana Pi have hardware acceleration that is not yet supported by software as it should)

6. Free Windows 10 – result of months of cooperation with Microsoft… but who need to bloat this nice linux device ;)

Bad news:

LAN is still not Gigabit Ethernet like some "clones" have (who said Banana Pi / Banana Pi Pro)

You can buy Raspberry Pi 2 from foundation partners at Newark, Element 14, Allied, and RS Components, but it looks like that they today are not shipping outside UK?

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