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M5StickV Edge AI + IOT Dream based on Sipeed Maix Kendryte K210 series

If you have enjoyed ESP8266 and ESP32 pay special attention to Kendryte K210! This system-on-chip integrates machine vision and machine learning while using RiscV cores. What could you want more to explore Edge AI? Ah yes, you need it in compact form, with all the extra peripherals integrated?

How about high quality IPS display (1.14″ 135×240, ST7789), best-in-class low light sensitivity color camera (OV7740 30fps VGa, 60fps QVGA), MicroSD slot, 3 buttons, 200mAh battery, RGBW Leds, MEMS Microphone MSM261S4030HOR, 6-axis MPU Gyro&accelerometer MPU6886, I2S class-D amlifier MAX98357 with speaker

And of course, dual core 64bit 400MHz RiscV CPU with 8MiB SRAM!

M5stack branded this very nice device as M5Stick-V.

So what can M5StickV do?

Think about applications for:

– Face recognition/detection,
– bject detection/classification
– Obtaining size and coordinates of the target in real-time
– Obtaining the type of detected target in real-time
– Shape recognition
– Video/Audio Record/Display
– Game simulator

Beside vision application, Kendryte K210 has machine hearing capabilities. The chip comes with a high-performance microphone array audio processor for real-time source orientation and beamforming. (it is possible to connect microphone array) thus enabling

– Sound source orientation
– Sound field imaging
– Beamforming
– Voice wake up
– Speech Recognition

Who is thinking about open source Alexa?

Documentation is available both on M5 website but valuable documentation is available on Sipeed website or their github account

Find out how to compile MicroPython, install IDE, flash firmware and make first application for M5StickV.

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