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How to flash Hackaday Badge 2018

Hackaday organized wonderful conference in Belgrade in May 2018. Traditionally, each participant received special Badge that is this time small computer. Badge is based on 32bit Microchip PIC as CPU, supports writing in customized BASIC. It is ideal to be used as a small serial terminal with keyboard and display. But to do so, you need support for “kin” BASIC function which is not working in firmware v1.00. So you

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HackaDay Badge with Accelerometer

Souvenir from Hackaday event held on 9.April is a nice badge. It had a empty space for small hardware upgrade (3-Axes Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module) that must be filled! :) PCB supports placement of both GY-521 and ADXL345, but designer recommended GY-521 that (naturally) I had in my “magic box” with components… after simple soldering procedure, original firmware recognised module and simple Accelerometer demo with 8bit graphics become operational… Module

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