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Embedded StarWars playing with ESP8266

Few month I was already playing with fantastic ESP8266 device when I have stumbled upon MicroPython Kickstater project. After a few days of compiling and learning Micropython I have flashed my first ESP12 and I was ready to try out nice project (by Steve Stagg). Mini OLED display is inserted in (modified) 3D Printed case . Soon I will add few buttons (hence the modification) and Li-ion battery with charger

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HackaDay Badge with Accelerometer

Souvenir from Hackaday event held on 9.April is a nice badge. It had a empty space for small hardware upgrade (3-Axes Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module) that must be filled! :) PCB supports placement of both GY-521 and ADXL345, but designer recommended GY-521 that (naturally) I had in my “magic box” with components… after simple soldering procedure, original firmware recognised module and simple Accelerometer demo with 8bit graphics become operational… Module

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Organic Apple Watch

As you probably know, Apple has announced on their last conference in September that Apple Watch will be available in a few months. It will be made from metal and with sapphire-coated glass. In the meantime users from Osaka, Japan announce that their ahead of this technology and that they are already using “organic apple watch” See the leaked picture for yourself: more info isavailable at:

NASA inspired Angry Birds Space – Seattle campaign

One of the best games for smartphones and tablets is back, Angry Birds by Rovio, this time in space. The idea for Angry Birds Space actually originated in a challenge NASA made to Rovio nearly a year ago on Twitter: Hey @RovioMobile, our computers are a bit better than they were in ’69. We might be able to help you launch birds if you find pigs in space. — NASA

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Innovative QR Code campaign from Red Bull

We have not made much posts about QR codes, but we find (and scan them daily)… On this one we stumbled on a QR code blog, and at first it was hard to understand how stupid it was… Now we must categorise it as Fun ;) We have tried to google for it and it looks like that this smart QR code campaign is Europe or world wide? Let's hope

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Šta mislite o ovome za kostim vašeg deteta za Noć veštica?

Ako žeite da vam dete ima unikatan kostim za ovogodišnju Noć veštica, uzmite sledeće u razmatranje: 160cm visok gvozdeni egzoskelet, koji se kontroliše preko dva džojstika. Pretpostavljamo da vaše dete uz pomoć ove spravice može da nosa unaokolo dovoljno slatkiša za celu godinu. A školske siledžije bi svakako trebale da se zabrinu (sem ukoliko i njima roditelji ne kupe jedan primerak ;-) ). Bilo kako bilo, budite spremni da pljunete

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How about this for your child’s Halloween costume?

If you want to get your child an unique costume for this year's Halloween, consider this: 5 1/4 feet tall, iron exoskeleton, controlled by two joysticks. We guess that your child can haul around a year's worth of candies with this thing. And, yeah, school bullies should be worried, too (unless their parrents don't buy them similar suits ;-) ). In any case, be prepared to cough up cool $21,000

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Hannover Cebit 2010

Month March, where true IT experts should be? In Germany, Hannover at CeBIT exibition, attending tradiotional exibition for Information Technologies. Products, technologies and ideas presented from more than 4,157 companies from 68 countries. Exibition officials said that this year there were more business contacts established than in 2009. So we think that this year will be better. Spain was chosen as country-partner for 2010 exibition with more than 100 exibitors.

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LEGO conference table

It's amazing what a good idea and a few (million) LEGO bricks can produce. Advertising agency Boys and Girls is building image of fun workplace, and, according to this ideology, you need a conference table built out of LEGO bricks. Glass top is placed over the construction, to keep bored people from plucking bricks out of the table. Watch video for a fast-forwarded build process. Source: Boys and Girls Agency

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LEGO konferencijski sto

Prosto je neverovatno šta sve može da nastane iz dobre ideje i par (miliona) LEGO kockica. Agencija za oglašavanje Boys and Girls (Momci i devojke) gradi imidž zabavnog radnog mesta, a prema toj ideologiji, potreban vam je konferencijski sto sklopljen od LEGO kockica. Konstrukcija je prekrivena staklom kako bi se oni koji se dosađuju na sastanku sprečili da čupkaju kockice iz stola. Pogledajte video za ubrzan proces gradnje. Izvor: Boys

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