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HackaDay Badge with Accelerometer

Souvenir from Hackaday event held on 9.April is a nice badge. It had a empty space for small hardware upgrade (3-Axes Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module) that must be filled! :) PCB supports placement of both GY-521 and ADXL345, but designer recommended GY-521 that (naturally) I had in my “magic box” with components… after simple soldering procedure, original firmware recognised module and simple Accelerometer demo with 8bit graphics become operational… Module

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How to upload app video preview to ITunesConnect?

Maybe you have noticed latest feature on Apple's AppStore – Application video preview. It is very nice feature, enabling users to see applicaton in action without downloading/installing the app. But first, developer must prepare video with custom dimensions (e.g. for iPhone 6 it should be 1334 x 750 or 750 x 1334px). But that's not the only problem.. Apple requests latest OS & browser – yet unreleased: "To upload your

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HTC rolled out Android ICS update for Desire S, Rhyme and Incredible S devices

Finally, HTC rolled out the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update for the Desire S, Rhyme and Incredible S. It comes together with HTC Sense 3.6. You can get the RUU (ROM Update Utilty) for your device here at HTC Dev Downloads. We have tried out the ROM upgrade on our Desire S device. We really like the slick UI of both ICS and Sense and we're very pleased to

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How to downgrade iPhone application using iTunes

You brand new iPhone with iOS7 automatically updates your applications, but sometimes new version is worse then previous. Or an payed application introduces iAds and developer tries to sack you for an in-app-purchase that removes them? If you regularly backup you iPhone/iPad to iTunes there is a solution for app downgrade. You should do the app downgrade as soon as possible, while old version is still available on you computer.

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Samsung firmver u pokretu “SamyGo”

Za gikove sa diplomom iz kompjuterskih nauka, ili samo za one hrabrije, nabasali smo na zanimljiv projekat. Skorašnji niz Samsungovih firmvera za televizore je baziran na Linux jezgru (GPL), što otvara nove mogućnosti za hakovanje pomenutih firmvera. Sa malo veština reverznog inženjeringa, i nakon što su promenili zvaničnu verziju firmvera u heks-editoru, SamyGo programeri su ubacili telnet daemon prilikom butovanja tako da možete da koristite alternativni firmver za svoj Samsung

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Samsung firmware on the Go “SamyGo”

For the geeks with computer science degree or just brave enough, we have stumbled upon interesting project. The recent set of Samsung TV Firmwares is based on Linux core (GPL), which enabled new perspective on hacking Samsung TV firmware. With some reverse engineering skills, after changing an official version of the firmware in a hex editor, SamyGo programmers , enabled  telnet daemon at boot time so you can use alternative firmware

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