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How to upgrade Openelec 5.0.x to 6 (Raspberry Pi)

OpenElec will not auto update between major releases in order to avoid breaks (possible with some specific hardware configurations). In this tutorial I’ll try to save you some time and explain how to manually upgrade Openelec (will focus on Raspberry Pi but should work with other devices. 1. Backup Always backup! Best way to do is to eject micro SD card and plug it to you computer and use some

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SeekThermal – Compact Smartphone Thermal Camera

Probably, we all know about thermal cameras, and wanted to have them one day. They open a whole new world of “senses” enabling us to see and visualise a thermal world. Now with release of Seek Thermal cameras, especially “compact” range we have small, yet rugged and extremely versatile thermal imaging device, that will turn any smartphone or tablet into an advanced tool capable of capturing, detecting and translating heat

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How to watch live Apple iWatch/iPhone event on Windows?

It is expected that Apple will unveil larger iPhone (iPhone 6) with possible screen size of 5.5inch and new wearable product called iWatch. Announced requirements are:  Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later. As you probably know it is possible to watch apple conference live using

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ZTE rocks fourth place globally

According to IDC, ZTE has taken fourth place in global cellphone rankings, jumping ahead of Apple and moving RIM into "Others" category. ZTE has improved annual shipments to 94% ! We are waiting for their press conference at Mobile World Congres 2011 in Barcelona, scheduled for 10:00AM CET, Monday 14th of February… Source: BGR

Who is suing who in the mobile business?

Recent post from the Guardian's Technology Blog has a graphic representation of all current and completed lawsuits in the mobile business. Interesting stuff, so we guess suing is a big hit nowadays. Microsoft, the world's largest software company, claims that Motorola infringes nine of its patents in mobile phones  running Google's Android operating system; specifically, email, contacts and calendar synchronisation, scheduling meetings and notifying applications of changes in signal and

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Hannover Cebit 2010

Month March, where true IT experts should be? In Germany, Hannover at CeBIT exibition, attending tradiotional exibition for Information Technologies. Products, technologies and ideas presented from more than 4,157 companies from 68 countries. Exibition officials said that this year there were more business contacts established than in 2009. So we think that this year will be better. Spain was chosen as country-partner for 2010 exibition with more than 100 exibitors.

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Nokia and Intel announced MeeGo = Moblin & Maemo

Today at Barcelona, Mobile World Congress 2010, two companies, Intel and Nokia announced joint project called MeeGo, blend of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo. This new llinux platform for mobile devices is expected to be available in Q2 2010 with first devices running this OS. New project web site is already available online. It will support Qt which will make porting applications easier to new platform. We expect that future

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Windows Phone event at MWC 2010 – live

Microsoft is currently hosting Windows Phone event at Mobile World Congress / Barcelona. blog is on site and we will update this post live. 15:51 CET – Three fundamental principles: Accountability for user experience, New platform with deep integrated services, A strong ecosystem. 15:48 CET – A different kind of phone designed for Life in Motion. 15:47 CET – Windows Phone 7 movie shows. Wow, tells us that we

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Nokia N900 special unboxing video

Tracy and Matt have published on their blog really interesting Nokia N900 unboxing video. All that they have received is the large black plastic monolith with minu USB connector. Puzzle for real geeks. Inside there is a brand new Nokia N900 with Linux Maemo OS and accessories. Although excelent OS comming from Nokia, in next year rumors are that there is only one additional Maemo device that we can expect.

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Samsung I8000 Omnia 2 video & screenshots

We have already published a lot of screenshots of Samsung's I8000 Omnia II. Now we have a final build of the software and it looks like Samsung has tried to cover Microsoft flaws as much as possible with it's TouchWiz interface. The device itself is very fast, and build quality is excellent. After a quick check of the specs we present you a vdeo tour and a ton of new

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