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SeekThermal – Compact Smartphone Thermal Camera

Probably, we all know about thermal cameras, and wanted to have them one day. They open a whole new world of “senses” enabling us to see and visualise a thermal world. Now with release of Seek Thermal cameras, especially “compact” range we have small, yet rugged and extremely versatile thermal imaging device, that will turn any smartphone or tablet into an advanced tool capable of capturing, detecting and translating heat

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How to downgrade iPhone application using iTunes

You brand new iPhone with iOS7 automatically updates your applications, but sometimes new version is worse then previous. Or an payed application introduces iAds and developer tries to sack you for an in-app-purchase that removes them? If you regularly backup you iPhone/iPad to iTunes there is a solution for app downgrade. You should do the app downgrade as soon as possible, while old version is still available on you computer.

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Decembarski pokazatelji učešća u tržištu smart telefona

Na osnovu reklama koje se prikazuju na mobilnim uređajima, Millenial Media je objavila pokazatelje za december 2010. Naročito je interesantna smartphone pita koja pokazuje jasnu prednost Androida. Veliki broj proizvođača, sa dosta pristupačnih modela su pomogli ovom operativnom sistemu, predstavljenom krajem 2008. godine da zauzme značajni udeo na tržištu. Najpopularniji proizvođač uređaja je Apple, dok su Samsung i HTC na drugom i trećem mestu. Modeli sa Windows mobile operativnim sistemom

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More stats from the mobile market

Based on the displayed ads on mobile devices, Millenial Media has presented the charts for the December of 2010. The interesting part is the smartphone pie showing dominance of Android. Wide array of manufacturers, with plenty entry level devices had helped this OS presented in late 2008 to gain this significant market share. The most popular device maker is Apple, with Samsung and HTC at the next two spots. Windows

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