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SeekThermal – Compact Smartphone Thermal Camera

Probably, we all know about thermal cameras, and wanted to have them one day. They open a whole new world of “senses” enabling us to see and visualise a thermal world.

Now with release of Seek Thermal cameras, especially “compact” range we have small, yet rugged and extremely versatile thermal imaging device, that will turn any smartphone or tablet into an advanced tool capable of capturing, detecting and translating heat into thermal image that is visible to the human eye.

There are two different models “compact” and “compactXR”. XR brings focus ring and little narrower field of view. Both are very lightweight and easy to carry in small and nice case that comes with device. Both models are available for Android and iOS devices, wether they are phones or tablets. They come with free mobile applications.

Android version link: SeekThermal on Google Play
iOS version link: SeekThermal on App Store

I like applications very much, because they enable you to take images or even video, while enabling different colour palettes or special regimes. They use to measure highest and lowest spot in image, or to highlight area that is on some exact temperature range.

Probably most useful feature is to find where your house heat is leaking and to know in which areas to improve isolation.

SeekThermal has incorporated auto calibration, and thats that clicking noise that you can hear while using camera. Periodically shutter is closed so device can compensate any temperature changes so you do not have to to that manually.

Resolution of sensor is 206 x 156 thermal pixels. Nowadays this could look as a pretty low resolution, but remember that you are now in thermal imaging, and this is very good resolution, that enables you to detect human in complete darkness at 150m!

Temperature range is from -40C to 330C.

Common uses, beside finding lost pets in darkness, could be checking overheating electric elements (like fuses, cables, or parts of PCB or laptop). So Seek-thermal camera can become very useful tool for every computer or electronics engineer, beside thermo technicians that probably cannot live without this device ;)

SeekThermal iOS app

SeekThermal iOS app

Thermal dog

Thermal dog

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