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As Windows Phone 7 is getting near, concepts appear

We are all very interested in the upcoming Windows Phone 7. As the new mobile OS from Microsoft is getting closer to launch date, people are getting nervous. Of course, that can sometimes be a good thing. Check out the design concept of XDA's Livven (@FollowLivven on Twitter). Remember this is JUST A CONCEPT :) based on a rumor that HTC Mondrian (1.3GHz) will be Diamond/TouchPro/HD based. The author is

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Windows Phone 7 – šta da očekujemo ?

Nadamo se da će ovaj put Microsoft bolje proći. Segmentu smart telefona zaista je potreban još jedan jak igrač, koji bi se uhvatio u koštac sa iPhone OS-om, Androidom, BlackBerry OS-om… Windows Mobile nije adekvatno odgovorio konkurenciji, a iskreno, verzije 6.5.x su nas razočarale. Pogledajmo raspoložive informacije o novoj plaformi od kada je ona predstavljena (ovaj događaj smo pratili uživo na blogu, direktno sa Mobile World Congress 2010, održanog

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Windows Phone 7 – what to expect ?

We are really hoping everything works out OK for Microsoft this time. Smartphone OS arena definately could do with another strong player, competing with iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry OS… Windows Mobile failed to deliver, and frankly, versions 6.5.x were a big disappointment. So we bring you a recap of the important news since the unveiling we covered live at Mobile World Congress 2010, Barcelona. We really dig the new flat

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Windows Phone event at MWC 2010 – live

Microsoft is currently hosting Windows Phone event at Mobile World Congress / Barcelona. blog is on site and we will update this post live. 15:51 CET – Three fundamental principles: Accountability for user experience, New platform with deep integrated services, A strong ecosystem. 15:48 CET – A different kind of phone designed for Life in Motion. 15:47 CET – Windows Phone 7 movie shows. Wow, tells us that we

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Sve oči uperene u Microsoft na predstojećem Mobile World Congress-u u Barseloni

Nova verzija džepnog operativnog sistema Windows Mobile definitivno je vruća tema. Svima je jasno (pa i Microsoftu) da WM7 kasni, a stručna javnost je bila razočarana malim napretkom u verzijama 6.5.x. Čini se da, na ovom polju, Microsoft polako gubi tlo pod nogama, dok konkurencija ne spava. Sa velikom bazom korisnika i gomilom raspoloživih aplikacija, Microsoft je i dalje u prednosti, naročito kada su u pitanju poslovni korisnici. Ipak, sve

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All eyes on Microsoft at MWC 2010

There has been a lot of rumors considering the next version of Windows Mobile. WM7 is definately late, as all of us were dissapointed with versions 6.5.x. It feels like Microsoft is loosing it's ground, by letting everyone take a shot at them. With a large consumer base, and tons of available applications, Microsoft still has the advantage among the corporate customers. However, iPhone and Android apps/consumer base is growing

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Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has just announced the new version of Windows Mobile OS. Besides new icon grouping (hexagonal style) mobile Internet Explorer is finaly usable. Microsoft added the zoom tool, finger-friendly navigation and intuitive menus. Today screen has changed as well with textual links to commonly used applications. Youtube: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC Touch HD

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