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HTC shows 3 new models – Desire (Bravo), Legend, HD Mini (Photon)

It has been a busy start here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2010. We just saw the HTC's new 3 models, Desire (aka Bravo), Legend, and HD Mini (photon). The event itself was hosted by Peter Chow, CEO of HTC along with it's colleagues. HTC has introduced the new HTC Sense, improved and ready to ship with these models as well as some older ones (confirmed for HTC Hero).

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Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has just announced the new version of Windows Mobile OS. Besides new icon grouping (hexagonal style) mobile Internet Explorer is finaly usable. Microsoft added the zoom tool, finger-friendly navigation and intuitive menus. Today screen has changed as well with textual links to commonly used applications. Youtube: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC Touch HD