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How to upload app video preview to ITunesConnect?

Maybe you have noticed latest feature on Apple's AppStore – Application video preview. It is very nice feature, enabling users to see applicaton in action without downloading/installing the app. But first, developer must prepare video with custom dimensions (e.g. for iPhone 6 it should be 1334 x 750 or 750 x 1334px). But that's not the only problem.. Apple requests latest OS & browser – yet unreleased: "To upload your

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Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo is Now Available

Mozilla has announced that first Firefox 4 beta 1 (Fennec) is available for mobile phones on Android and Maemo platform.. Overall performance and responsiveness is improved by new architecture. Firefox 4 Beta now includes Firefox Sync in order to enable seamless experience and synchronization with desktop Firefox so you can now take your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, passwords anywhere with you. Also pinch-to-zoom is supported on multi touch devices. Detailed

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