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Google Nexus S vs HTC Desire HD – outside conditions

Google Nexus S

The guys at Swedroid did an awesome job testing Google Nexus S.

During the in-depth test we can see the curved SuperAMOLED display and side by side outdoor video test versus HTC Desire HD. The build quality is on the DHD side, but SuperAMOLED outperforms any other display on the smartphone market today. Check out the video below and the excellent review at Swedroid.

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1 Discussion on “Google Nexus S vs HTC Desire HD – outside conditions”
    Probably the better contrast on the google Nexus S is not just because of the Samoled, but because they put a OCA between the touch and the Display to reduce the reflection rate.
    If HTC they wil do the same there will be not so much difference between the two devices!