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Motorola Droid X appears, it is a superhuge smartphone

Motorola Droid X

Since HTC EVO 4G appeard on US market, we have waited for a similar device from other manufacturers. Well, Motorola has made a bigger one. Droid X has a huge screen and following specs:

  • 4.4" FWVGA screen (854×480)
  • Android 2.1 with Motoblur
  • 8MP camera with 720p video recording capabilities
  • 1GHz ARMv7 processor (OMAP3630?)
  • 8GB of internal storage space

More info, gallery and side-by-side pictures with HTC EVO 4G available at Engadget

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“Motorola Droid X appears, it is a superhuge smartphone”
  • wait til you sit down and watch a blockbuster movie on your droid x. You might flip out on how that 3.7 inch screen dazzles you