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Smart Alarm wakes you up early when the weather turns bad

SmartAlarmThere are thousands of alarm applications, but this one is original. If it is suddenly snowing it is smart enough to receive a information for weather conditions and wake you early in order to compensate for your morning snow cleaning activity. Keep your BMI as it is supposed to be :)

Smart Alarm adjusts your wake up schedule for this snowy day, along with other unfortunate bouts of weather. You set the time that you’d like to wake up at, and it starts polling the local weather services. If it finds that you’re about to get shafted by a barometric shift, it’ll wake you up early to try to compensate.

But I can hardly beleive that there is possibility to compensate for weather like this (Ice Storm over Geneva

Via MobileCrunch and PBase

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1 Discussion on “Smart Alarm wakes you up early when the weather turns bad”
  • This is unbelieveable!
    “Nuclear fallout” – “Hmm, seems that I will have to wake up earlier today.” ;-)
    Great stuff.