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HTC Touch Diamond 2 – screenshots

Here they are, HTC Touch Diamond 2 screenshots. Notice the new calendar tab in the TouchFlo3D, new calculator, improved keyboards (you can set the keys to vibrate), Remote Desktop application (finaly!).

Gigabyte unveils new G-Smart: S1200 looks familiar

As you can see, there is another Apple iPhone lookalike on the market. Too bad, because we were all looking forward to new devices from Gigabyte. We were impressed when on Cebit 2007 Gigabyte announced VGA touch screen on a DVB TV capable device! As far as the S1200 goes here are the specs: Processor: Qualcomm 528MHz OS: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Memory: 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM (quite unimpressive but

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Nokia N86 – and 8MP is now on your phone

Nokia just announced new model available at Q2/2009. Besides dual slider and 8MP goodness with dual LED and AutoFocus user interface stays pretty much the same. N86 will be Ovi-capable. Ovi Stor is an application store that blends media with social networking and location-based services, akin to Google’s Latitude application. Ovi already boasts partners such as Facebook, MySpace and game publisher Electronic Arts. [Source: eWeek]

HTC announces Touch Pro 2 – Tilt mechanism is back!

One of the most expected premieres on MWC2009 was HTC’s Touch Pro 2. We did not like the naming but tilt mechanism is back. After the Touch Pro’s striking resemblance to Diamond (but with 1.8 times the thickness factor) we can say that this is the real successor to TyTN 2. As far as the specs go, nothing is realy changed compared to the newer HTC models: Procesor: Qualcomm® MSM7200A™,

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Acer Tempo smartphones unveiled at WMC 2009

Acer, the third largest vendor in the global PC market (source: Gartner data, 1H 2008) is introducing a new line of smartphones with a broad range of features and innovations. These first devices are mainly targeted at consumers who want to make use of excellent technology both for their personal and their professional needs. After the acquisition of Eten it has continued development of the former Glofiish line of products.

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Using Latest Wii Technology to Fight Crime

It seems that the Kanagawa Police Departement uses latest state of the art technology to fight crime. To try to catch a man who has stolen a car, they created a Mii – a Wii mugshot which suits the man’s description. It’s unknown whether they had any success with it, but at least it’s a good demonstration how multifunctional the Wii can be – in ways you’ve never expected it

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Strong Motherboard Push Pins

Did you ever wonder how strong are push pins on your new motherboard? How big the cooler can be? Just check this out…I wonder if he is still able to boot it :)

Android confusion: Is HTC Sapphire = HTC Magic ?

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about upcoming HTC G2 Android powered PDA phone. It appears that Vodafone is among the first to get HTC Sapphire aka HTC Magic. As you can see, it is a lot sleeker looking than the G1 (HTC Dream) with impressive specs. Update: It is now official on HTC web site, the weight is 118.5 grams (4.18 ounces). Check the product tour as well.

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has just announced the new version of Windows Mobile OS. Besides new icon grouping (hexagonal style) mobile Internet Explorer is finaly usable. Microsoft added the zoom tool, finger-friendly navigation and intuitive menus. Today screen has changed as well with textual links to commonly used applications. Youtube: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC Touch HD

Huawei unveils Android smartphone

Chinese vendor Huawei has confirmed speculation by today unveiling its first Android-powered smartphone. The device which bears a very striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone will  be commercially available in the Q3 of this year.