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HTC Touch Pro 2 – screenshots

After a long break we are pleased to present you the screenshots of the upcoming HTC Touch Pro 2. This all-in-one device sports all the features a geek could possibly want, maintaining strict business look and Touch FLO3D interface that brings it closer to the masses. One of the key features are improved conference call abilities that include: noise canceling microphone, robust speaker, tweaks to Windows Mobile to enable fast

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HTC announces Touch Pro 2 – Tilt mechanism is back!

One of the most expected premieres on MWC2009 was HTC’s Touch Pro 2. We did not like the naming but tilt mechanism is back. After the Touch Pro’s striking resemblance to Diamond (but with 1.8 times the thickness factor) we can say that this is the real successor to TyTN 2. As far as the specs go, nothing is realy changed compared to the newer HTC models: Procesor: Qualcomm® MSM7200A™,

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