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How to remove U2 album from you iPhone / iPad / iTunes

During September Apple event Apple decided to promote U2 and gave away for free their new album.

You have probably noticed that you have received free U2 album Songs of "Innocence" in you Music app. It is nice thing to have a possibility to get some music for free but this Apple move is intrusive beacuse not all owners of ITunes account like or want U2 music.

Luckily there is the easy way to hide U2 album (intrusion) using iTunes on you Mac or PC:

Steps for removing U2 album from iTunes:

  1. Start iTunes
  2. Click at top right corner to iTunes Store
  3. There is link "Purchased" in the Quick Links section


  4. Then simply click X in the top left corner next to U2 Songs of Innocence album


  5. Confirm that you want to hide this "purchase"


  6. Enjoy you iPhone free of U2 intrusive garbage 

    Remove U2 album from iTunes

 and write to Apple to thank them for pushing this purchase to you iPhone ;)

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