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Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite Spica video preview blog Exclusive

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite

We had a chance to play with a test sample of Samsung’s baby-Galaxy aka Spica (aka I5700 Galaxy Lite). You had the opportunity to see green version in action in our previous post. Sample that we have in our hands has matte backcover, totaly resistant to fingerprints – nice move Samsung. The screen is AMOLED, and it appears that there is only 100MB memory available. Of course it can be upgraded via microSDHC cards, and since this is only a test version, we cannot make any conclusions.

Feel free to drop us a comment below and we’ll try to give you an answer (while we still have it on us).  Update: our logo covers something that we just cannot show you :)

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17 Discussions on
“Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite Spica video preview”
  • Could you give some clarity on the specs? Are the _only_ differences the change from 5 to 3.2 MP and the shrinkage of the internal storage?

    There is especially a ton of uncertainty about the screen, is it 3″ or 3.2″ and what is the resolution?

  • now that u have it again
    can u check the
    1-ram( i think there is an app for that)
    2-internal hard disk
    4-how big is the screen 3 or 3.2 and is 3 annoing or is the difference to small to notivce

    please please please please

  • hmmmmmmmm in gmail contacts I have seen:

    Petar Petrovič

    Sofija Jovanicič

    ….I bet you are Serbian…I give you “HELLO” from the brother country Slovenija….:)….upam da bo naš Mobitel (operater) imel I5700 soon :)

  • a u covece kako imas dobre soundtrackove za ove klipove sto pravis!
    koja je ovo stvar? ko izvodi?

    Regarding the phone too little to late! Except AMOLED screen it hasn’t got anything appealing!

    And the design is so Samsung – awful! HTC Magic is just light years across the galaxy (pun intended)

  • Available is something different from Total in the context of system monitoring ;) But that’s a good thing, gives me hopes the RAM is 192+.

    Thanks for clearing up the screen atleast, that is great news!

  • One more question I forgot, during web browsing the screen blacks out or locks atleast twice, is this a defect in the firmware or are you accidentally pressing something?

  • I want to know if the samsung galaxy spica i5700 will let me watch youtube videos or not
    thank you!!