Mar 28

One of the best games for smartphones and tablets is back, Angry Birds by Rovio, this time in space. The idea for Angry Birds Space actually originated in a challenge NASA made to Rovio nearly a year ago on Twitter:

but except the excellent new game, have a look at their marketing campaign. This time Rovio attached a giant Angry Birds slingshot to the Seattle Space Needle!

Angry Birds Space Seattle tower

After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own…

You can try new game, now with "space" physics, that even involved NASA consultants. Angry Birds Space is available for Android devices at Google Play


More information at twitter and techcrunch

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Mar 23

We have not made much posts about QR codes, but we find (and scan them daily)…

On this one we stumbled on a QR code blog, and at first it was hard to understand how stupid it was… Now we must categorise it as Fun ;) RedBull QR Code fail

We have tried to google for it and it looks like that this smart QR code campaign is Europe or world wide? Let's hope that more people will start scanning what they are printing.

See it and scan it for youself!

More details about QR code marketing campaign could be found at original blog post about RedBull QR Code

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Oct 02

If you want to get your child an unique costume for this year's Halloween, consider this: 5 1/4 feet tall, iron exoskeleton, controlled by two joysticks. We guess that your child can haul around a year's worth of candies with this thing. And, yeah, school bullies should be worried, too (unless their parrents don't buy them similar suits ;-) ).

In any case, be prepared to cough up cool $21,000 for this thing. Registration for road use and batteries not included.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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Mar 14

Month March, where true IT experts should be? In Germany, Hannover at CeBIT exibition, attending tradiotional exibition for Information Technologies. Products, technologies and ideas presented from more than 4,157 companies from 68 countries. Exibition officials said that this year there were more business contacts established than in 2009. So we think that this year will be better.

Spain was chosen as country-partner for 2010 exibition with more than 100 exibitors. German cancelor Angele Merkel and spain prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero with more than 2000 international guests opened the exibition.

In order to feel a bit of atmosphere from exibitions interesting for general public, we have following prepared short video

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Feb 28

LEGO Conference Table

It's amazing what a good idea and a few (million) LEGO bricks can produce. Advertising agency Boys and Girls is building image of fun workplace, and, according to this ideology, you need a conference table built out of LEGO bricks. Glass top is placed over the construction, to keep bored people from plucking bricks out of the table. Watch video for a fast-forwarded build process.

Source: Boys and Girls Agency via Freshome

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Feb 24

Cube Stormer is built entirely from lego bricks and elements, and uses lego web camera to scan colors on the cube. Software algorithm is powered by "Cube Explorer" software has the ability to produce very fast solutions to a successfully scanned cube, usually around 20 face turns for any 3x3x3 random cube combination. Inventor believes that it could be improved more but it is already fascinating.

YouTube video

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Feb 21

The joint project of Google and the Russian Railways lets you take a trip along the famous route and see Baikal, Khekhtsirsky range, Barguzin mountains, Yenisei river and many other picturesque places of Russia without leaving your house. While watching video on youtube you can enjoy russian music or literature (Tolstoy, Gogol, Petrov). Nice multimedia web project.

More info at project page

Jan 26

It is rare to se a FM radio nowadays. The new Motz Mini FM Radio is just spectacular. It is extremely tiny, and it is one gadget you could easily lose. The radio itself is placed into a wooden box with an attached anntena. Besides being the cool FM radio that it is, you can connect it to you portable music player and it becomes a (lousy but tiny) speaker :) Currently available in Korea it may become a worldwide sensation ;)

Motz Mini FM Radio

Check out the gallery and notice the size!

Sources: Gizmodo/Earlyshop

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Jan 19

The reason blog does not do classic unboxing videos lies in the fact that the phones we get are in the test/sample phases, and we get them for couple of hours. Nexus One unboxing you're about to see will knock you out :)

Nexus One

Via Engadget

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Dec 27

Really funny video, shows Rfiddler devices in action, destroying RFID.

Codeninja developed this gadget that emmits a strong electromagnetic field which destroys sensitive electronics in RFID chips and some electronic devices (like usb-sticks).

All you need is to buy a plastic gun, some leds, an old mp3 player, microcontroller and "optional" LED display. Important notice, there is no touch screen (capacitive nor resistive) :)

Source: Engadget, original text with "technical specification" could be found on Codeninja's site

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