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Jabra and Plantronics Bluetooth mobile headsets

We realized that with frequent changes of various smartphone devices and testing periods with new phones we are really strict considering the Bluetooth mobile headsets. Our team is using Jabra and Plantronics for quite a while now (since 2007 that is). We did not had a reason to change them, they work perfectly with every new smartphone model out there. But, there must be some improvements ?

So we gathered three devices from Jabra and Plantronics and stress tested them. First the looks.

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Jabra Stone is really something special. The small dock combined with a headset is shaped in a form of a stone. But not all is aestetics, the "dock" serves as a charger on the road as well. Cool concept if you ask us! The other model – Jabra Extreme is for business users and road warriors, it has the best specs that can match any headset out there, providing superb noise cancellation technology. We have easily pared them with couple of sources (notebook for VoIP and our latest mobile phones). Both models are plesant to wear, not to heavy. However, this is sometnig that you must double check. Your ear might not be compatible with these devices, that's right, the devices are just right, your ear maybe not :)

Plantronics Discovery 975 is aimed at business users and it comes with a carrying case, something that you should definately consider if you keep loosing your headsets. The case comes with a small screen showing the battery level, the charger is built in. Background noise cancellation and added protection against the wind noise are a plus.

We liked them all, but our favorite is the Jabra Extreme, with automatic volume control and superb noise cancellation. It even comes with a car charger that you can use to charge any Something2USB device, including miniSD, microSD, etc… Just what we needed for these new microUSB HD2 & Nexus One phones :)

Check out:

Jabra Stone, Extreme

Plantronics Discovery 975

Via: Sion Net

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