Sep 08 blog exclusive

We have in our hands the upcoming Samsung Android phone -- I5700 Galaxy Lite. We present you a quick gallery and video clip. Galaxy Lite will pack flashless 3.2MP camera and 1GB of memory comparing to I7500 Galaxy’s 5MP/8GB. Everything else is the same (including the great AMOLED screen). We are sad to say that this freakish green battery cover probably won’t be hitting the streets (or mobile operators), since the color is going to change to a more conservative one.

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite

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25 Responses to “Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite”

  1. ahmed Says:

    crap are u sure about the colour going away i mean its awesome
    one more thing can u check out the RAM i think u can through an app or something
    its really important and what is the size of the screen
    please post more videos i mean u do have it

  2. Name not given xD Says:

    If I can get one of these without a contract I’m gunna sell my phone for this! The only reason I haven’t bought an android phone is because I cannot afford it. Looks like I soon will! :)

  3. Abz Says:

    can someone tell me if this has GPS and 3g, and maybe a magnetometer. If it has the first two, i’m sooo definately getting it, and if it has the latter that would be the cherry on top.

  4. Slobodan Says:

    Wow, I have been waiting for low end Android device
    looks nice

  5. n3o Says:

    will it have 800Mhz CPU or 528Mhz CPU!??!?!

  6. ahmed Says:

    did u check out the ram

  7. ahmed Says:

    no way i really doubt it it would be very laggy plus android it self need like i think 100 mb
    the only bad thing about the current galaxy is the ram and i think they know that i bet they would improve it

  8. ahmed Says:

    u know i thought that even though its low it would probably be over 400$ but thenn i saw the star wifi yesterday and t shocked me a capacitive touch almost identical to the specs of this phone
    for about 250$ i was shocked and so im definitely rethinking how low its price can be

  9. Lan Says:

    Star wifi is far from this phone – worse resoultion, no gps, no AMOLED, no android, worse CPU, not sure about 3.5cm audio jack. And it is uglier and surely worse made quality.

  10. Says:

    Thanks for the useful information. I love to read your topic and it is very interesting.

  11. Hey Says:

    This phone is the worst phone ever made!

  12. jovan Says:


  13. ilham Says:

    white it's so cute :D

  14. tee are Says:

    what a lovely gadget :D

  15. herupra Says:

    wow…nice post…thanks for the information…

  16. hendro Says:

    i think the color just like the sony ericson T650i…

  17. deden Says:

    very nice… it's cute… thanks for share this information…

  18. Endy Ardhie Says:

    Great Post.. Thanks

  19. zakki Says:

    luxorious. really.

  20. arieff Says:

    Wow, I have been waiting for low end Android device
    looks nice

  21. ardhan Says:

    nice design,,, i like it :D

  22. novita Says:

    white looks more feminine, i like it : )

  23. Kojeje Says:

    Its so cute :)
    White and green case :)

  24. Atish Nischal Says:

    Just to put these number in perspective, Apple sells 8M iPhones a quarter. If Samsung really manages to sell 10M Galaxy S by the end of the year, it’ll sell around 30% as many Androids as Apple sells iPhones. Now, apple might increase the iPhone sales rate, but we need to remember that the Galaxy only came out in the second quarter.
    Very impressive achievement for Samsung.

  25. Sarah Laud Says:

    what a lovely design…

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