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HTC Touch Diamond 2 – screenshots

Here they are, HTC Touch Diamond 2 screenshots. Notice the new calendar tab in the TouchFlo3D, new calculator, improved keyboards (you can set the keys to vibrate), Remote Desktop application (finaly!).

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“HTC Touch Diamond 2 – screenshots”
  • The black backgrounds are very sleek, but I can’t get past the white background images which are uber-fugly.

  • @itazark

    Haha, the white background images are the basic Windows Mobile UI. Now you know why everyone and their cousin is trying to hide the base WM UI.

  • Having owned an original HTC Touch Pro for three months I can say that HTC have done a brilliant job bringing Windows Mobile into the 21st century. That said, because it is still a Windows Mobile phone, once you stray away from the HTC interface you’re back in a world of undercooked user interfaces (as mentioned by itazark).

    I think the phone also fails due to its Slow CPU and Limited Ram / storage. Hopefully the Diamond 2 will fix these issues.

  • WM is more substance over style.

    I have a TyTN2, running WM6.1, plus I have an iPhone style app launcher, looks exactly like iPhone, it even has the slide to unlock.

    With WM I can make it do anything – I download apps my friends have made, and They download apps I have made – there is no interference from MS about what can be put out there as an app.

    I dont think the UI is everthing.

    I have my WM calendar syncing with 4 different online calendars I run.

    OK i doesn’t look as good as Iphone, but the iPhone doesn’t look as good as the Pre with WebOS.

    WM is the most functional os available mainly because it is SKINABLE – any developer (e.g. HTC – touch flo, Samsung – omnia, Sony – xperia) can put their own UI on top and make it their own.

  • …uhmm, waiting for WM7 here.
    WM in its current state is too high maintenance.

    [ “Telenor prezentacija”? Da li to znaci da ce Pro/Diamond ili Pro2/Diamon2 preko njih ? :) ]

  • Win Mobile has been putting band-aids on their interface forever now. There still is no way around the fact that they need to completely start from scratch with a new build. If not, they are going to get left behind.

  • For Touch HD users there are a cpl of ROMS floating around with this new version of TouchFlo, these screenshots by themselves might not look like much but its faster, much more handy and looks great. Definitely a must upgrade, HTC have done well, and touchflo is turning out to be better than that honeycomb shit. New Keyboard is also great,

  • I use TouchFlo on my HTC Fuze and it works extremely well. It’s still not an iPhone, but it has useful features, good graphics, and makes getting around the phone much easier.

  • i have the original t mobile xda – wizard – and can still run the latest UI on it – long live HTC – and a big heads up to Win mobile for allowing a 3 yr old phone to still act and feel new…..amazing

  • im a bit bothered with the storage…it only has around 90mb mem…
    do we hav any chance to make it bigger?because even we install app in internal storage, it stiil use a bit of main mem….

    if we install new ROM, does it void the guarantee?

  • Would it be possible to upload this interface onto my Glofiish DX900 with WM6.1? What do you suggest?

  • Hmm as far as I know they failed to put an option in the device for you to change how your week is shown… as default its starting on a sunday!? wtf the week starting in the middle of the weekEND!!? God made the world THEN rested… etc. etc :-P

  • Can somebody tell me, where Can I find the change language option after upgrading to latest OS on this phone?