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Nova verzija Android emulatora za HTC Touch Pro i Diamond

Connect-UTB je upravo predstavio dva Android emulatora za Diamond i Touch Pro. Sada na jednostavan način možemo da isprobamo Andorid na postojećim Windows Mobile telefonima, čak i da napravimo par poziva, pošaljemo SMS poruku ili isprobamo prenos podataka! Nova verzija ne donosi puno novosti, ali je promenjen kernel i dodat najnoviji rootfs. Tako da praktično dobijamo par optimizacija, ažurne verzije datoetka i novi ROM za testiranje. ROM se zasniva na xrom 1.4r3 koji

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New version of Android emulator for HTC Touch Pro and Diamond

Connect-UTB has released a new packages of Android emulator for the Diamond and Touch Pro. Now you could easily try Android on you Windows Mobile phone, even try making some phonecalls, sending SMS or event try data connection! Changes are minor but it includes a new kernel and the newest rootfs. So basically you will experience some minor optimizations, updated base files, and a new ROM to try. The ROM

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New HTC Touch Diamond 2 announced

Beautiful yet capable, now with larger display, better resolution and camera. Well, you’ve noticed it, navi key is gone, and above function buttons now there is a zoom touch key. We must agree, that Diamond 2 would look better if it was all in black. Resolution has gone up from VGA to WVGA (480×800) and memory was upped a bit. Check the specs at the official site.