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IBM Seer at Wimbledon

Since 1990, IBM has worked with Wimbledon to make sure the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament is also the smartest. This year IBM has focused on mobile apps as well. Three interesting apps were announced: iPhone application with latest scores (available on App Store) IBM Seer – Twitter aggregator for Wimbledon 2009. IBM Seer for Android ! – fantastic app that uses GPS and phone camera for all-around

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HTC Touch Diamond 2 – screenshots

Here they are, HTC Touch Diamond 2 screenshots. Notice the new calendar tab in the TouchFlo3D, new calculator, improved keyboards (you can set the keys to vibrate), Remote Desktop application (finaly!).

Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has just announced the new version of Windows Mobile OS. Besides new icon grouping (hexagonal style) mobile Internet Explorer is finaly usable. Microsoft added the zoom tool, finger-friendly navigation and intuitive menus. Today screen has changed as well with textual links to commonly used applications. Youtube: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 on HTC Touch HD

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