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Zvanične slike modela Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite (poznatiji kao Spica)

Kao što smo pomenuli u našem prethodnom postu, Samsung priprema Lite verziju Galaxy Android telefona. Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite će biti poznat kao Spica, a All About Phones ima zvanične fotografije. Cena u prodavnicama treba da bude oko 350€ a mobilni operateri će ga verovatno davati besplatno uz ugovor. Još nismo sigurni kako će izgledati Samsungov TouchWiz interfejs za Android, a na ovim fotografijama možemo da vidimo samo podrazumevani Google-ov

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Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite aka Spica official photos

As we mentioned in our previous post, Samsung is preparing a Lite version of Galaxy Android phone. Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite is to be known as Spica and All About Phones has the official photos. Street price should be around 350€ and mobile operators will probably make it available for free under contract. We are yet not certain how will the Samsung TouchWiz for Android look like, and on this photos

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Motorola Tao (Droid) bi trebala da se pojavi sledeće nedelje?

Na osnovu različitih izvora (pogledajte dole), sledeću nedelju bi trebalo da obeleži još nešto pored objavljivanja Windows Mobile 6.5 operativnog sistema. Možda smo u prilici da vidimo najzanimljiviji telefon sa Androidom do sada – Motorola Tao (ili Sholes, ili Droid). Verizon bi mogao da pomogne Motoroli da se vrati na dobar put, a osećamo da je ovaj uređaj baš ono što im je potrebno – najsnažniji uređaj na tržištu baziran

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Motorola Tao to appear next week ?

According to various sources (see below), next week should be noticed by something other than Windows Mobile 6.5 launch. We just may see the coolest Android phone yet – Motorola Tao (aka Sholes, aka Droid). Verizon could help Motorola to get back on track, and we feel that this device is exactly what they need – the most powerful Android device on the market.     Check out the specs:

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Sony Ericsson Rachael – is it Xperia X3 ?

According to Mobile Nova this is the next Sony Ericsson Rachael (Xperia X3?) phone. It will run on Android Donut with following quick specs: Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz (same as Leo) Android Donut OS 4" WVGA Display (480×800) 8.1 MP Camera with LED 3.5mm Audio Jack SE's new UI that will probably be introduced with this model: Source: Mobile Nova Video: USEB Update: The name of the phone will be Xperia X10

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Lite new info

Russian site has posted new information on Samsung i5700 Galaxy Lite. Since we had a device in our hands we are not certain about resolution (it is actually HVGA 320×480) and other specs. As you can see, the fantastic lime green background has changed :( Russian source says that the release date is postponed to the beggining of next year (!?) We hope to see it as soon as

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HTC Tattoo preview blog exclusive We had a chance to test Tattoo, new entry level android phone from HTC. Apart from QVGA screen, we are very pleased with build quality and overall appearance of the device. Check the specs on HTC's site, our video preview is below…

General Mobile DSTL1 Dual-SIM Android

We had a chance to play with dual-SIM Android phone, and guess what, General Mobile’s DSTL1 has resistive screen (with stylus) and has a lot of potential. However, it needs much better build quality if it is going to mingle in the big league. Intel’s Marvel 624MHz feels better than Qualcomm MSM 528Mhz found in almost all smartphones today. DSTL1 comes with 4GB microSDand it is packed with cool features

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New version of Android emulator for HTC Touch Pro and Diamond

Connect-UTB has released a new packages of Android emulator for the Diamond and Touch Pro. Now you could easily try Android on you Windows Mobile phone, even try making some phonecalls, sending SMS or event try data connection! Changes are minor but it includes a new kernel and the newest rootfs. So basically you will experience some minor optimizations, updated base files, and a new ROM to try. The ROM

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Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite blog exclusive We have in our hands the upcoming Samsung Android phone – I5700 Galaxy Lite. We present you a quick gallery and video clip. Galaxy Lite will pack flashless 3.2MP camera and 1GB of memory comparing to I7500 Galaxy’s 5MP/8GB. Everything else is the same (including the great AMOLED screen). We are sad to say that this freakish green battery cover probably won’t be hitting the streets (or

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