Feb 28

LEGO Conference Table

It's amazing what a good idea and a few (million) LEGO bricks can produce. Advertising agency Boys and Girls is building image of fun workplace, and, according to this ideology, you need a conference table built out of LEGO bricks. Glass top is placed over the construction, to keep bored people from plucking bricks out of the table. Watch video for a fast-forwarded build process.

Source: Boys and Girls Agency via Freshome

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Feb 27

Now, you can have a glimpse at smartphones of tomorrow. Or, should we say: smartwatches. For now, it is only a concept conceived in the mind of designer Susan Cho, but idea is very promissing. Device is equipped with multi-touch screen, GPS, maps, e-mail, contacts, to-do lists, and, at least by the looks of it, a very usable UI. Since this is only the concept, there are no informations on how (or whether) they are planning to cram all those features in relatively small watch, and leave enough space for some decent battery. But, we're holding our fingers crossed :-)

Sidewinder Watch Phone

Source: GizmoWatch

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Feb 26

Here are some interesting news for all your aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers who are still living in 1980's when it comes to technology. Samsung has announced its new line of HDTV's with broadband capabilities and built-in Skype software. You can control Skype via TV's remote, and you can create new accounts, sign in to existing ones, and use Skype in usual way. Voice calls are supported out of the box, and you can make video calls with appropriate web-cam attachment.

Samsung Skype HDTV

Source: GadgetVenue

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Feb 24

Cube Stormer is built entirely from lego bricks and elements, and uses lego web camera to scan colors on the cube. Software algorithm is powered by "Cube Explorer" software has the ability to produce very fast solutions to a successfully scanned cube, usually around 20 face turns for any 3x3x3 random cube combination. Inventor believes that it could be improved more but it is already fascinating.

YouTube video

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Feb 21

The joint project of Google and the Russian Railways lets you take a trip along the famous route and see Baikal, Khekhtsirsky range, Barguzin mountains, Yenisei river and many other picturesque places of Russia without leaving your house. While watching video on youtube you can enjoy russian music or literature (Tolstoy, Gogol, Petrov). Nice multimedia web project.

More info at project page

Feb 21

Motorola Devour

Motorola's new Android smartphone is ready to hit the streets in a few days. It will be available exclusively for Verizon Wireless, and it looks like it will have some rather interesting features. Most prominent of them is certainly slide-out four-row QWERTY keyboard with raised keys. We can only guess how comfortable it will be for prolonged typing, but having numeric keys in their separate row is pretty sweet. Also, there is in-browser support for Flash, and MOTOBLUR interface (aka Blur), with improved integration with social networks (you can simultaneously monitor updates from more than one network, and, also, simultaneously post on them). Lets not forget Google Maps navigation with turn-by-turn voice instructions, and Motorola Phone Portal, very interesting application for browsing your phone's content from your home computer via Wi-Fi.

Other than that, device is packed with Android 1.6, Qualcomm's 600MHz processor, HVGA screen, and 3MP camera.

You can watch demo of Devour, presented by Rick Osterloh from Motorola:

Source: Engadget

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Feb 17 blog exclusive

As we witnessed ourselves, Google has been giving away free Nexus One phones for all registered atendees at Android Developers Lab's technical conferences at Mobile World Congress. While we are entering this text Nexuses are being unboxed and a bunch of people are walking trough Barcelona with grey new phones and pink X signs on their hands.

Way to go, Google!

Nexus One

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Feb 16

It has been a busy start here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2010. We just saw the HTC's new 3 models, Desire (aka Bravo), Legend, and HD Mini (photon). The event itself was hosted by Peter Chow, CEO of HTC along with it's colleagues.


HTC Peter Chow

HTC has introduced the new HTC Sense, improved and ready to ship with these models as well as some older ones (confirmed for HTC Hero). As far the specifications go, you allready know everything, we had them first ;)

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Feb 16

Today at Barcelona, Mobile World Congress 2010, two companies, Intel and Nokia announced joint project called MeeGo, blend of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo.Nokia N900

This new llinux platform for mobile devices is expected to be available in Q2 2010 with first devices running this OS. New project web site is already available online.

It will support Qt which will make porting applications easier to new platform. We expect that future Maemo 6 will be MeeGo compatibile, so stay tuned.

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Feb 15

Microsoft is currently hosting Windows Phone event at Mobile World Congress / Barcelona. blog is on site and we will update this post live.

Microsoft Windows Phone Event at MWC 2010

15:51 CET – Three fundamental principles: Accountability for user experience, New platform with deep integrated services, A strong ecosystem.

15:48 CET – A different kind of phone designed for Life in Motion.

15:47 CET – Windows Phone 7 movie shows. Wow, tells us that we are confused with number of apps and that we need to step over. Steve Balmer takes over.

15:45 CET – The demo will be available to see at Microsoft's boot at WMC. So the Windows Phone is usable already.

15:43 CET – The next is Games hub, featuring Xbox LIVE.

15:41 CET – Joe shows Zune desktop application. Content on the phone are accessible directly from the app.

15:39 CET – Music and Video part of the WM is next. Joe shows the music+video hub. Every WM phone will be a Zune, but go beyond.

15:38 CET – Office hub allows us to create notes in One Note, connect to SharePoint, and collaborate with people consisting with upcoming Office 2010.

15:36 CET – Pictures are present regardless of the way the got to the phone. Next is productivity.

15:34 CET – The next section is Pictures hub. UI is nice and clean, clear fonts, everything is in 2D, looks sleek.

15:31 CET – Joe shows the way WP will connect to People. People hub is the people-oriented UI section, integratiin all the available services (Outlook, Facebook, MSN). People hub is panoramic, can be panned to left and right. All the contacts are present trough People hub showing all the available info (Windows Live, Facebook status…)

15:29 CET – Outlook is great, e-mails available offline as well. Optimized for finger use. There are no scrollbars.

15:28 CET – Fonts are improved, 1/3 of the screen shows additional commands accessible via fingers. All the WP devices will have capacitive screens.

15:26 CET – The browser looks OK, Windows Phone 7 browser is based on desktop IE code, giving the compatibility. Crowd is confused, IE code ?

15:24 CET – The search button brings up Bing, showing the local relevant results (e.g. sushi bars are shown in Barcelona)

15:22 CET – Joe shows Bing maps, that changes the visualization, shows satellite photos when zoomed enough. Supports pinch-zoom. His demo device is not HD2!

15:20 CET – The calendar looks good, appbar showed as well. Users can access advanced commands trough appbar.

15:19 CET – The tiles are scrollable, and user customizable. Applications as well can be live tiles.

15:16 CET – All the devices will have 3 buttons, start, search and back. Joe shows live demo. Calls the icons – Live Tiles

15:14 CET – Joe – it is designed for Life in Motion with smart design and integrated experiences.

15:13 CET – Video is playing, UI looks great. Short but effective. Crowd cheers…

15:11 CET – Joe says all the phones started to look the same, Microsoft would like to focus to end user.

15:10 CET – Je Belfiore steps on the stage. The Vice President / Windwows Phone, starts to talk about the opportunity for change

15:09 CET – Steve Balmer steps on the stage, will talk about phones and next generation of Windows Phone series – 7.

15:07 CET – We just saw guys from Engadget, angle of the photos gave them away… Music is playing, nothing yet…

14:57 CET – The hotel lobby is leaking on our Sony Vaio P – just moved to another spot. Not good for start

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