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Is Sony Ericsson ready to get back in the Android game ?

Just recently at CES 2011, Sony Ericsson revealed a new high-end Android phone XPERIA arc. Besides very thin case, it will come with Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS. Some of the specs include: Android 2.3 Gingerbread Camera 8.1MP, HDMI connector Screen 854×480 pixels on 4.2" 16,777,216 colour TFT, LED backlit Memory microSD™ (supported to 32GB) + – Phone memory Up to 512MB Size 125.0 x 63.0 x 8.7 mm / 117g

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Decembarski pokazatelji učešća u tržištu smart telefona

Na osnovu reklama koje se prikazuju na mobilnim uređajima, Millenial Media je objavila pokazatelje za december 2010. Naročito je interesantna smartphone pita koja pokazuje jasnu prednost Androida. Veliki broj proizvođača, sa dosta pristupačnih modela su pomogli ovom operativnom sistemu, predstavljenom krajem 2008. godine da zauzme značajni udeo na tržištu. Najpopularniji proizvođač uređaja je Apple, dok su Samsung i HTC na drugom i trećem mestu. Modeli sa Windows mobile operativnim sistemom

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More stats from the mobile market

Based on the displayed ads on mobile devices, Millenial Media has presented the charts for the December of 2010. The interesting part is the smartphone pie showing dominance of Android. Wide array of manufacturers, with plenty entry level devices had helped this OS presented in late 2008 to gain this significant market share. The most popular device maker is Apple, with Samsung and HTC at the next two spots. Windows

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Google Nexus S pored HTC Desire HD – na otvorenom

Ekipa bloga Swedroid  je detaljno testirala Google Nexus S. Tokom testa iz raznih uglova se vidi novi zakrivljeni SuperAMOLED ekran i poređenje ekrana ovog modela sa HTC Desire HD na otvorenom. Iako je kvalitet izrade telefona na strani HTC-a, SuperAMOLED nema premca kada su u pitanju ekrani na smart telfonima danas. Pogledajte video prikaz ispod i detaljan test na blogu  Swedroid.

Google Nexus S vs HTC Desire HD – outside conditions

The guys at Swedroid did an awesome job testing Google Nexus S. During the in-depth test we can see the curved SuperAMOLED display and side by side outdoor video test versus HTC Desire HD. The build quality is on the DHD side, but SuperAMOLED outperforms any other display on the smartphone market today. Check out the video below and the excellent review at Swedroid.

HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire – size comparison

Are you getting ready for HTC Desire HD ? It does feel like HD2 in your hand, but here is a direct comparison with a regular Desire. Super LCD 4.3" screen is manufactured by Sony and it should provide more realistic colors and longer battery life compared to old generation AMOLED. However, we think that Super AMOLED still is the best option for the smartphone screens… Source: Swedroid

Samsung GALAXY Tab – sada znamo i okvirnu cenu

  Svi smo se pitali koliko bi dolazeći Samsung GALAXY Tab mogao da košta. Sada i to znamo, makar za Australiju – za SIM free verziju 999 AUD (ili 712 €). Nestpljivo očekujemo i prognozu za ostatak sveta…     Izvor: Smarthouse

Samsung GALAXY Tab gets a price

We have all been wandering about the price of the upcoming Samsung GALAXY Tab. Well now we know, at least for Australia. It will cost you (SIM free) 999 AUD (or 712 €). Let’s wait and see about the rest of the world. Source: Smarthouse

Easy way to try Android platform

For those of you who don’t have access to an Android phone, but would like to try the platform, this might be a nice and easy solution. Download necessary files form here (original XDA developers discussion), extract and rename the folder to "Android-Emulator". Then overwrite existing files with 2 EXE files found in archive from XDA thread , run one of them (startup animation or no animation) and enjoy. Working Java Runtime

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Using Latest Wii Technology to Fight Crime

It seems that the Kanagawa Police Departement uses latest state of the art technology to fight crime. To try to catch a man who has stolen a car, they created a Mii – a Wii mugshot which suits the man’s description. It’s unknown whether they had any success with it, but at least it’s a good demonstration how multifunctional the Wii can be – in ways you’ve never expected it

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